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Brand story
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Tai yu organic tea seed oil show HanWu tribute the soul treasure


Camellia native to China

As early as 100 BC when emperor for years

Began to plant tea oil...


More than 2000 years of cultivation history, because of its rare resources and special effect to human body health, has always been the royal tribute, in, especially during the Ming and qing dynasties, there were only the royal family which adheres to swallow the beauty of wild tea oil, wild YouChaShu unique to China, all over the world so wild tea oil in China is the world of wild tea oil, is the treasure of nature with Chinese.

Tai yu organic tea seed oil series brand "HanWu tribute, nourishing essences" desire for the heritage and development of new, more on quality character to "food safety is more important than the tai mountain atlas' yu 'health only within big" for the enterprise brand image. Tai yu brand will live for Chinese children's health and diet build a natural barrier.

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