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Tea oil health care and nutritional value

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Health care

Of unsaturated fatty acids content in tea oil is as high as 90%, is the highest of the oil. Cooking oil contains unsaturated fatty acids is renti indispensable substances. But this kind of unsaturated fatty acid within the renti cannot own synthesis, must by food supply. Unsaturated fatty acids in plentiful supply, will a person's skin tender, moist and hair pitch-black shine. Conversely, if the lack of unsaturated fatty acid in the body, will become rough skin, hair loss.

The health benefits of tea oil is mainly embodied in the "no" on polyester, tea oil, high content of unsaturated fatty acids, so after eating easy be renti absorption, digestion, and are not as general of cooking oil, if after eating within renti undigested will turn into fat, and accumulated in visceral and subcutaneous tissue, easy to cause obesity and other diseases. In this sense, the effectiveness of weight loss tea oil. Tea oil or pregnant women after the best supplements, pregnant women in the postnatal after eating more help to eliminate accumulation during pregnancy belly fat, can help to quickly recover shape.

Consumption of tea oil can improve renti enzyme activity, increase metabolism, improve physical fitness, increase renti immunity function, strengthen the two-way regulation of renti, can keep the energy.

Another significant advantage of tea oil is: high smoke point. When heated can make the oil smoke (smoke point refers to the lowest temperature) of tea oil smoke point in 200-215 ℃, and usually cooking oil smoke point only about 100 ℃. So, when using high temperature tea oil Fried rarely produce oil smoke condensation, won't produce cloud of lampblack, won't make lampblack cohesion adhesion on the wall of the kitchen. Commonly occurring in the process of cooking oil in the use of lampblack many carcinogens, is contained in the lungs can cause lung cancer, ladies after years working in the kitchen, the more lampblack suction are also more likely to get lung cancer. It seems that regular consumption of tea oil, can greatly reduce the possibility of cancer.

Nutritional value

Tea oil from the nature, itself has a high nutritional value, combined with the growth of tea oil natural way and scientific processing method, make the quality of the tea oil more natural health, is the program for reform and development of the Chinese food structure strongly advocated in the promotion of edible plant oils, and international food and agriculture organization (fao) one of the first health care plant oils.

Tea oil with high content of natural antioxidants vitamin E, vitamin D, can effectively supplement the nutrition for the renti, remove harmful ingredients, delay the ageing of the cells, and keep the cell vitality. Combined with low linolenic acid content, makes the tea oil has good stability and easy storage, not easy to rancidity deterioration.

Tea oil is rare woody plant oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, such as vegetable oils have a higher content of unsaturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acid content of tea oil is as high as 90%), easy to be absorbed by renti after eating, but also can promote the renti of fat soluble fiber and the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements.

Rich in unsaturated fatty acid can reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, so that we can prevent arteriosclerosis, suppression and prevention of cardiovascular disease such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure.

Tea oil contains no can cause renti carcinogenic derive derive, long-term consumption of high blood pressure, heart disease and other diseases have a certain preventive effect, especially suitable for the elderly to eat. According to the national medical center laboratory confirmed: tea oil to lower cholesterol and cancer have certain effect, is called "longevity of oil" in the world.

Unsaturated fatty acids, with a good name of "beauty acid", while the unsaturated fatty acid content of tea oil is the highest in the oil content. Medical certificate: daily intake enough unsaturated fatty acid has important effect to moist skin and black hair.

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