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Tea oil not only can eat a lot of beauty

来源:ChinaZ 发布日期:[2015-06-15 15:42] 作者:消息

Reporters learned that with the coming of summer, the mosquitoes but to our world, and we will inevitably be bitten by a mosquito, mosquito to bite? Is the mosquitoes must rub tea oil is actually can be done easily. Go out at the same time the sun is big, the skin is basked in, a little pain, it doesn't matter, tea oil at the same time also can play a role!

Strong smell of tea tree essential oil fragrance unique, it has all natural anti-microbial activity, bactericidal effect, antibacterial activity, without excitant, excellent skin osmosis and the unique advantages of aromaticity of the earth long ago in the know with tea leaves to reduce inflammation, and the second world war, under the condition of shortages, the army is made of the leaf anti-inflammatory agent. Below we detail exactly what efficacy and wonderful tea tree essential oil. Efficacy: antibiotics, anti itch, antibacterial, antiviral, sterilization, balsam qualities, promote the scabby, excitement, expectorant, kill mold, insecticidal, motivation, and promote sweating. Increase immunity, and the common cold, enteritis, urethral antibacterial, cystitis, dandruff, sores, burns, sunburn ringworm, insect bites, poison.

Tea oil not only can eat a lot of beauty, tea oil palm health network researchers pointed out that it is said that in the legend at the end of the yuan period, zhu yuanzhang was ch 'en yu-liang troops counterattacked to JianChang (now jiangxi) of a differential, Lin is camellia woods picking the old farmer see the status of his quick wits to zhu yuanzhang dressed as camellia picking fruit farmer, survived a bullet. Zhu yuanzhang deeply according to the old farmer for help "class". Class see zhu yuanzhang was covered. With tea oil painted for him. Don't just think of zhu yuanzhang the wound healing, red fading, so he happily called the camellia fruit, is "given to the world fruit of the earth". He later in class recovering at home for a period of time, constipation and improving, that this was because of a day to eat tea oil.

From now on. Zhu yuanzhang has close relationship with tea oil. After zhu yuanzhang unified the world, to the jiangxi tea oil seal for the "imperial cuisine oil". Because of the Ming dynasty emperor to the be fond of tea oil and attention. Each big happy event of tea oil. Imperial doctor li shizhen recorded in compendium of materia medica "tea oil slants cool, cool blood hemostasis, heat-clearing and detoxicating. Attending liver blood loss, insect repellent. Yi intestines and stomach, bright eye" and cloud "contains tea seed. Bitter sweet poison, attending for nasty cough, to ill." Later all parts of jiangxi tea oil as a fine tribute lay in the court, the emperor big yue, and given a letter to "imperial cuisine, fruit juice, longevity tea live"! Enough to show to enjoy tea oil is a status symbol.

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