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Tea oil "superior", leading the trend

来源:ChinaZ 发布日期:[2015-06-15 15:43] 作者:消息

In recent years, from the domestic tea oil series products, has become China's important oil exports in the international market, by international peers in Europe and America as "the world's best cooking oil. The rapid development of tea oil show that people pursuit to the health of life and higher nutrition value with further recognition of tea oil.

Cooking oil is essential to People's Daily life and cooking materials, China's huge population base for edible oil industry has brought enormous business opportunities. China's oil industry is the rapid development of our country in recent years and one of the industry. As people raising the level of economy, the high-end cooking oil into ordinary consumers family, according to the latest national health survey results showed that edible oil, more than 80% of consumers expect healthy, high quality functional edible oil.

Mother tea camellia oil of the brand said, compared with 2011, in blend oil, sunflower oil and permeability decline, high nutritional value of edible oil by consumers gradually pursuit, it is worth mentioning that rose by 40%, the permeability of tea oil is the olive oil rise more than twice.

According to China's tea oil network, tea oil is the Chinese government advocates to promote natural woody edible vegetable oil, for a long time, because of less good quality, is called "eastern olive oil". At present, in the face of an independent opinion, agree with nature, advocate healthy life consumer groups, has the concept of origin of products more attention by consumers.

Recently, national forestry provides subsidised loans for a variety of policy to foster camellia plant, camellia blossom everywhere, become rich revenue around the emerging power. Government support, rapid rise in tea oil industry, formed the enterprise capital, private capital and bank capital through various channels in the new pattern of the tea oil industry development and effectively promote the sustainable development of tea industry, unlimited prospects.

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