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The requirement to the agent

Legal corporate ownership in China

A fixed operational office space has operational and maintenance of the market marketing personnel

Have certain ability of regional resources distribution, has a certain financial strength and sales channels, have the consciousness of brand operation and certain social relations

Factory can provide the following support

Agents can enjoy the company's quarterly and annual rebates

Of first paragraph after the goods of all kinds of cooperation way and settlement way, not to lay a foundation to fulfill

With respect to the manner of all kinds of cooperation agents to provide product knowledge and related literature data

Assist agents to develop appropriate local actual marketing plan, plan and channel prices

Provide the standards of tai yu products after-sales service and related standard transport subsidies

Dealers enjoy company take delivery of a unified national price, because of the policy and the quality of the product, the company to provide the corresponding return service

Company provides development channel with the guidance of the dynamic information of the industry

Company product sales management and advertising area usufruct right of quarterly and annual profit rebates and after termination of contract renewal authority

Agency area to set up the right to distributors and product advertising, entrust the rights

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