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Correct ways of tea oil

来源:ChinaZ 发布日期:[2015-06-15 15:27] 作者:消息

The tea oil as a medicinal oil collection, tea oil because of its rich in a variety of nutrients, internal and external use are very good utility:

A, pregnant women eat during pregnancy tea oil not only can increase breast milk, and is good for the normal development of fetus.

Second, infants and children's consumption of tea oil, gas, aperient, fire suppression, digestion, to promote bone such as physical development is very helpful.

Three, the elderly consumption of tea oil can be spent, raise colour, bright eye, ufa, inhibit aging, on chronic pharyngitis and prevent human body blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular system disease has good curative effect.

Fourth, tea oil and uv resistance, prevent sunburn and wrinkles. Is the famous tea producing areas in yunnan, the local lady tea oil is commonly used for comb my hair, put on the skin surface and tea seed shampoo. So, is located in the plateau region of intense ultraviolet light, very strange, the local women can keep skin white and tender, and the adjacent Tibetan woman skin is rough.

Five, (Peach Kernel) with a ml of Peach Kernel oil, 10 drops of camellia oil (Ti - tree), five drops of Lavender oil (Lavender), and put on the skin face, have remarkable curative effect on acne. Because camellia has antiseptic and enhancing immune function. And lavender has anti-inflammatory properties and shrinkage effect. In addition, chloasma, sunburn, have the effect very much.

Six, tea seed insecticidal effect is very good, can treat tinea scabies. Can be used for shampoo and hair conditioner. Tea oil can antibacterial, antiviral and kill bacteria. Can prevent tinea capitis, hair loss, dander (Dandruff) and relieve itching.

Seven, tea oil can also be applied directly to the prevention and treatment of mosquito bites, have very good effect on relieving itching, strong tea oil can remove warts (Virus get).

Eight, tea and the mixture of eucalyptus, can treat a cold and throat "he" (Catarrh), qi, phlegm.

Nine, in China's traditional medicine often with all kinds of tea oil modulation ointment, pills.

The cosmetic efficacy of the medicinal tea oil

1, prevent stretch marks:

5 to 7 months during pregnancy is striae of pregnancy period, often feel itchy belly bulge, some still can appear little red dot, this is a sign of stretch marks. Please before going to bed after cleaning the skin, use 2 to 4 drops with tea oil skin, gently massage 5 to 15 minutes. General with an itch, bilge feeling will disappear, in serious cases, please use 1-2 times a day. Pregnancy weight too fast growth is the main cause of stretch marks, on the one hand, please stick with tea oil to moisturize the skin, please pay attention to control weight too fast growth, at the same time use the corset, reduce belly belly tensile load.

2, fade and eliminate stretch marks:

Before going to bed after cleaning the skin, with 1 to 2 drops of tea oil evenly coated skin, gently massage skin 5-15 minutes. A week can be effective, within 1 year commonly postpartum postpartum generally 20 days work a year later and completely fade out you will need to adhere to massage for 2 months.

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