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Camellia oil essential oils beauty effect

来源:ChinaZ 发布日期:[2015-06-15 15:28] 作者:消息

Cooking oil contains unsaturated fatty acid is indispensable to human body material, but this kind of unsaturated fatty acid in the body can not own synthesis, to the food supply. Of unsaturated fatty acids content in tea oil is as high as 93%, with oleic acid content as high as 78% (up to 82.3%), are among the highest in the cooking oil. In addition, the tea oil also contains rich vitamin A, B, D, E, carotene and other antioxidants.

Tea oil for cosmetic effect on performance in the following areas:


A, protect the skin

Unsaturated fatty acids have "beauty acid," said, unsaturated fatty acid in plentiful supply, will a person's skin tender, moist and hair pitch-black shine. On the other hand, the skin will become rough, hair loss. Moreover, camellia oil contains vitamin E and antioxidants, so it can protect the skin, especially can prevent skin damage and aging, make the skin luster.


Second, the effect reducing weight

Health care function of tea oil is mainly on the "polyester", tea oil the highest content of unsaturated fatty acids, so after eating easy be absorbed by human body, digestion rate was 97%, and are not as common cooking oil, if after eating in the body undigested will turn into fat, and accumulated in visceral and subcutaneous tissue, easy to cause obesity and other diseases. In this sense, the tea oil has the effect of losing weight, so pregnant women in the postnatal edible helps eliminate accumulation during pregnancy belly fat, can help to quickly recover shape.


Third, remove stretch marks

With tea oil to the gravid grain, gently massage, insist for a long time to use, can remove stretch marks, or make it lighter.


Four, prevent eye wrinkles

With camellia oil massage gently in canthus wrinkles place, can go to the appearance of fine lines, relieve dark lines.


Five, whitening skin care

Use a spoonful of sugar can be made with camellia oil mixed whitening mask, with three times a week, not only can contractive pore, and obvious whitening effect.

Tea oil can resist ultraviolet light, prevent sunburn and wrinkles. Is the famous tea producing areas in yunnan, the local lady tea oil is commonly used for comb my hair, put on the skin surface and tea seed shampoo. So, is located in the plateau region of intense ultraviolet light, very strange, the local women can keep skin white and tender, and the adjacent Tibetan woman skin is rough.


Six, the treatment of acne

(Peach Kernel) with a ml of Peach Kernel oil, 10 drops of camellia oil (Ti - tree), five drops of Lavender oil (Lavender), and put on the skin face, have remarkable curative effect on acne. Because camellia has antiseptic and enhancing immune function. And lavender has anti-inflammatory properties and shrinkage effect. In addition, chloasma, sunburn, have the effect very much.


Tea oil contains vitamin E, is easy to be absorbed by the skin, help to maintain the posture of female beauty

Wash bath, the body first, reoccupy cotton infiltrating camellia oil all over your body, and then with hot towel, after 10 minutes with warm water to wash it again


Eight, supplement vitamin a day

Can be in the morning hollow drink two spoon, a day of vitamin all had, insist for a long time can alleviate prevention, cardiovascular disease, the elderly can also relieve constipation. In the Middle East, dry climate, land desertification, no vegetable, it is early in the morning drink camellia oil, to meet the needs of the body for a variety of vitamins, it is their habit of popular in one thousand.

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