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Tea oil is the most healthy environmental protection

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The human body contains six nutrients, including 70% of the total essential fatty acids from edible oil in people's diet structure, therefore choose a good cooking oil is of great benefit to health. In general, the choice of edible oil, should eat less fat, advocate eating vegetable oil. And vegetable oil on the market is Lin Lin always, therefore, sina health nutrition experts zhi-hong fan special invited China agricultural university, asked her for the majority of netizens on ten common cooking oil.


1, soybean oil, be careful of genetically modified (gm)


Dominant in linoleic acid in soybean oil, containing a small amount of alpha linolenic acid, vitamin E is relatively abundant, pale yellow comes from a small amount of carotene. Linoleic acid to reduce the risk of heart disease are limited, but the alpha linolenic acid is more beneficial. Clinical nutrition experiment confirmed that the cause of coronary heart disease risk factors, in addition to the high amount of cholesterol and the other two factors is high blood pressure and blood vessel embolism, linolenic acid can reduce these two factors. However, because of linoleic acid and linolenic acid are not heat-resisting, linolenic acid, especially afraid of heat, fry or after repeatedly heated easy oxidation polymerization, is very harmful to health. Using soybean oil to cook does not protect the heart. Soybean oil solvent leaching method all are made, refined after vitamin E loss is larger. And soybean oil imports are basically gm products. When buying to stare big eyes to see, anyone who didn't write the "do not contain genetically modified ingredients of soybean oil is genetically modified products.


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Sentence review: stewed food with it's appropriate, cooking, try not to smoke.


2, palm oil, the cheapest gas


After soybean oil of the world's second-largest oil, is also the most cheap cooking oil price in the international market. Palm oil contains unsaturated fatty acid was 40%, including saturated fatty acid is 44%. Balancing the two, this rare in vegetable oil. Palm oil is a deep orange, in addition to outside also contains rich carotene, vitamin E is one of the most abundant natural source of carotene. Due to the high degree of saturation, it is of very good heat resistance, less heat oxidation polymerization after for a long time, is can't replace the advantages of other vegetable oil. So, palm oil has been used in various types of Fried foods, including instant noodles and Fried potato chips. It can isolate high melting point of palm oil, can be used to replace butter produced all kinds of snacks. Fried will destroy the large amount of carotene and vitamin E, is made of palm oil food does not provide the value of vitamin E. At the same time, because have too much carbon saturated fatty acid, and the fatty acid easy to elevated blood lipids, Japan opposed the use of this kind of oil, a lot of people to the health of it is a role.


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Comments: if you can't put Fried food delicious, can use palm oil to fry it.


3, peanut oil, and they were afraid to aspergillus flavus toxin


Peanut oil contained in the saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids ratio is probably 3:4:3. Which contain oleic acid, that is, single unsaturated fatty acids, which is about half the number of tea seed oil. It is rich in vitamin E, good flavor, with good heat resistance, suitable for general stir-fry. Under the premise of without any increase in total fat, such as butter, butter into peanut oil, can be beneficial to the prevention of heart disease risk. In medical experiments, however, the real effect of reducing blood cholesterol and bad cholesterol or peanut protein and the large amounts of vitamin E, dietary fiber, etc., rather than the inside of the peanut oil. Priority selection pressure oil to buy peanut oil, but also choose the high quality product, because the peanut aflatoxin, easy pollution the toxins especially easy to dissolve in oils and fats, toxin quantity must be lower than the national standard.


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Word review: the most common and most delicious cooking oil.


4, olive oil, be careful the adulteration


Is the best grease reputation. Containing more than 80% of unsaturated fatty acid, there are more than 70% of monounsaturated fatty acids, namely oleic acid. Diets rich in monounsaturated fatty acids in the oil, which is beneficial to reduce the "bad" cholesterol in the blood (LDL), increase the "good cholesterol" (HDL), so special is praised by the people of the world. Because of its low content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, heat resistance is better than soybean oil, oxidation there is less dangerous. So, it is not, as some people describe completely unable to heating. Olive oil is used for cold is tasty, used for cooking stew is also no problem. At the same time, the olive oil is also widely used in various types of cosmetics and skin care products, can make the skin smooth smooth, anti-aging. However, are different grades of olive oil, and imported olive oil adulteration phenomenon is quite common on the market, people are hard to taste, so don't keen on gaining petty advantages when buying.


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Review: a word with extra virgin olive oil for cooking, dare you to put more, just less oil.


5, tea seed oil, the most environmentally friendly grease


Made from wild woody oil plants, fruit similar to its nutritional value, healthcare function and olive oil. Unsaturated fatty acid in tea seed oil is as high as 90% above, single unsaturated fatty acid is oleic acid content of up to 80-83%, even higher than olive oil. Also contains rich vitamin E. Monounsaturated fatty acid to improve blood lipid patterns and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease are meaningful. It has good heat resistance, suitable for daily cooking, and can completely replace the olive oil for cosmetic and skincare purposes. Because the grease is woody plants, grown in the mountains, less pollution does not destroy vegetation and use fewer chemicals, is the most environmental protection cooking oil. Buy also want to give preference to squeeze products, high safety and a better quality.


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Sentence review: compared with the olive oil be called cheap and fine, who let it is domestic.


The capital of the six, corn oil, vitamin E


Is extracted from the embryo of high oil corn and, unsaturated fatty acid content as high as 86%, among them with dominant polyunsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid content is the highest, fatty acid composition proportion compared with soybean oil. Corn oil which is the advantage of vitamin E content is higher than that of ordinary vegetable oil, this is a characteristic of valley germ oil. Besides corn oil, wheat germ oil, too. But such oils is usually not very heat-resistant, suitable for making heating time is shorter, or heating temperature when smoke point not to cook. It is very suitable for making into salad dressing or salad oil.


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Sentence review: suitable for making a salad dressing or salad oil.


7, rice bran oil, high grade cooking oil


Rice bran oil from rice bran, rice embryo and rice bran is contained in the oil. It like corn oil, containing unsaturated fatty acids in more than 80%, also contains rich vitamin E. Its special advantage is containing the rich gamma-aminobutyric acid in rice embryo, it is an important neurotransmitter, anti-anxiety effect to a certain extent, is good for blood pressure control. Rice bran oil fatty acid composition and peanut oil, more like the monounsaturated fatty acid content is the highest, also contain some polyunsaturated fatty acids and saturated fatty acids, the proportionate equilibrium. Because of this, its heat resistance is better than wheat germ oil and corn oil, suitable for general family cooking. Because rice is also easy to aspergillus flavus, also need to pay attention to the question of whether the aflatoxin exceeds bid.


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Review: a word is called rice bran oil, health value can not "chaff".


8, sunflower seed oil, not the highest saturation


Sunflower oil is the Chinese special love to eat sunflower seed extract oil, who let sunflower fat by more than 50%. Freshly squeezed the sunflower seed oil contains vitamin E is very rich, flavour, nice, appropriate as salad oil. The proportion of linoleic acid in sunflower oil soybean oil, content can be as high as 66%, far higher than the other oils on the market. Once upon a time that is considered to be advantages, because of linoleic acid is human body essential fatty acid, can reduce blood cholesterol. But later studies found that it can reduce bad cholesterol, also can reduce the good cholesterol, can be said to be "regardless of good or bad", so in fact does not reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, recent studies suggest that linoleic acid belongs to the omega - 6 fatty acids, and dietary such excess fatty acids has been fairly, omega-3 fatty acid ratio is too low, this kind of situation will be very bad for the prevention of heart disease and cancer. So, such as sunflower oil, soybean oil and corn oil contains a large amount of linoleic acid oil slowly out of the "health care oil". But it also has advantages, that is for various types of oil, the most rich in polyphenols antioxidants. Because of this characteristic, despite its high degree of unsaturated fatty acid and heat resistance is better than soybean oil, can be used for general stir fry, fry is no problem as long as you don't, not for a while.


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A sentence review: sometimes in the taste, flavor is really good.


9, sesame oil, the most original oil


Sesame oil is also called the sesame oil, which is used to extract the white sesame and black sesame oil. The advantage of sesame oil is its beautiful refreshing aroma. In order to keep the precious aroma, sesame oil is the most among all cooking grease a kind of "ecological" - it can't be refined, including natural ingredients are kept intact in oil. It's made with extremely rich in vitamin E and famous antioxidants sesame phenol, and phospholipids and plant sterols these are beneficial to control blood fat, prevent cardiovascular disease. A relatively balanced its fatty acid composition, and peanut oil is most similar. Because of sesame oil can't heating, can only be used for cold, dip, or do add soup, so it is also healthy low-fat cooking best fit. If you eat less Fried Fried dishes, change to blanch cooked or steamed, then add sesame oil a little mix, is very beneficial to health. Remember must choose aromatic fresh sesame oil, put for a long time will the oxidation.


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Comments: a word "popular" also can eat healthy.


10, walnut oil,


Walnut oil and sesame oil, usually without refining, but direct squeeze. It contains unsaturated fatty acid of more than 90%, most of them are linoleic acid, about 10% of alpha linolenic acid, belonging to the omega-3 fatty acids; Also contains very rich in vitamin E, phospholipids and a large amount of polyphenols antioxidants. Every day to eat two or three walnut, or eat 5 to 10 grams of walnut oil, at the same time reduce other oils, insist for a long time can effectively reduce the risk of heart disease, also have the effect of the moist skin. One of the most top grade is made in northern China wild pecan oil pressure, the alpha linolenic acid, vitamin E and contents of antioxidants are much higher than ordinary walnut oil, no pollution and safety. Consumption of walnut oil note must not be high temperature heating, to maintain its maximum health.


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Comments: if too eat walnuts trouble, every day 1 scoop of walnut oil is good too.


The truth told:


When vegetable oil has several advantages, such as very good digestion, easy to absorb, contain vitamin E and other antioxidants, no cholesterol. Many people think that only certain kinds of oil does not contain the cholesterol, only olive oil is easy to absorb, it is to be taken in by advertising.


Experts warm prompt:


Remember, no matter choose which kind of, the daily dosage is 25 to 30 grams. "Healthy" oil, is good for heart disease, but eat more will get fat.

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