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Roots of tea oil

来源:ChinaZ 发布日期:[2015-06-15 15:29] 作者:消息

According to the third century BC shanhaijing mood of: "member wood, southern oil food also. Part here "wood" camellia, is our country folk at that time, began to take camellia fruit oil for food.

History, tea oil was once "HuangFeng imperial cuisine" oil, according to historical records: use XiaoMiMian as raw material, match with almonds, peanuts, kelp silk, tofu, and spices, tea oil, is the imperial palace meal, enough to show to enjoy tea oil is a status symbol.

Tea oil is a kind of monounsaturated fatty acids containing the highest woody plant oil, is also the highest of any content in vegetable oil, its nutritional value is extremely high, in our country through the royal tribute, "characterized by open content" in the Ming sung ying-hsing praised its beauty "" oil flavor, in Taiwan, Japan and southeast Asia countries is praised as the" Oriental olive oil ", for healthy cooking oil.

Camellia as main ingredient, made of peanuts, sesame, chow mein, through scientific formula, using traditional craft refined but become wuzhi county of henan "Wu Zhi camellia" is traditionally gong treasures, and its taste sweet, thick and not be bored with, nutrition is rich, has a history of more than two thousand years, warlords said "sweet cream soup," han said "orange tea cream soup", tang dynasty called "camellia", in use today.

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