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The theory of modern nutritional science and technology auth

来源:ChinaZ 发布日期:[2015-06-15 15:30] 作者:消息

Taken the Artemis. Simopoulos - the White House human nutrition research, chairman of the committee, which is the world completely meet the requirements of the international nutrition health care is one of China's oil tea seed oil, the second is close to the Mediterranean olive oil.

U Shi Kuixiong - Shanghai nutrition association, honorary President of the (professor), consumption of tea oil can cause a person's skin smooth and moist, to promote women's reproductive, birth, breast-feeding, ability, suitable for women to eat.

U Luo Zeming, biochemistry of hunan agricultural university doctoral mentor, tea oil belongs to natural woody plants, their growth environment pollution-free, does not contain hormones, including aflatoxin, preservative-free, do not contain residues of pesticides fertilizer, non-toxic side effects.

Taken the Shanghai second medical university professor ShiRong clinical research proved that, tea seed oil can effective prevention and treatment of heart, cerebrovascular disease, lower cholesterol and fasting glucose, and can effectively restrain the rise of triglycerides, help to improve health "three highs" patients.

To end the national medical center, tea oil to lower cholesterol and cancer have obvious effect.

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