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Now give you a reason to use tea oil

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Now the social people, one of the most concern is health as people more and more attention to health, can be seen everywhere in the health care products on the market, almost as long as it is food can seek and health care, nutrition, hanging above. There are, of course, there are a lot of real health, health food, the following will introduce an absolutely pure natural healthy cooking oil, and give you sufficient reason for eating "now".


Pure wild camellia oil is rich in vitamin E, fatty acids and camellia glycosides, monounsaturated fatty acid content of more than 78%, especially suitable for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, and pregnant women, infants and young children, including ladies wanting to eat.


Tea oil consumption function:


1. Pregnant women eat during pregnancy can increase breast milk tea oil, very helpful for the development of the baby's normal.


2. The infant and children's consumption of tea oil, gas, aperient, fire suppression, digestion, is of great help to promote physical development, such as bones. Tea oil can acetanilide and swelling. Start toddler child is easy to fall down and get sick, if fever or accidentally fell down, wipe immediately some tea oil, detumescence and antifebrile effect is very good.


3. The old consumption of tea oil can be spent, raise colour, bright eye, ufa, inhibit aging, on chronic pharyngitis and prevent human body blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular system disease has good curative effect.


4. Tea oil and uv resistance, prevent sunburn and wrinkles. Deal with annoying fine lines, eye fine lines, crow's feet or can use a drop or two of tea oil plus a little aloe vera gel to mix well, put on in the appearance of fine lines, once it is absorbed, immediately see no grain (outside wash can be directly without makeup); Peak green stalks, century lianhua are sold.


The spleen appetizer recipes - vinegar pepper fish


Main ingredient: 1 yellow croaker


Accessories: parsley, onion, ginger right amount each


Seasoning: medica day sweet tea oil, pepper, rice wine, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate, fresh soup, white vinegar, salt, the right amount




1. Rinse the yellow croaker Ji flowering knife standby, chop the spring onion, ginger silk.



2. Ben day sweet tea oil into the pot heat, fish pot both sides scrambled to see yellow, remove dry oil.


3. Pan put a small amount of medica day sweet tea oil, heat, pepper, a quick stir-fried shredded ginger into the pot, then add fresh soup, wine, salt, fish, cooked to fish cooked, up into the deep dish and sprinkle with shredded green onion, coriander.


4. The pot soup to boil add white vinegar, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, stir well fish dish.




The spleen appetizer, fill in essence, yiqi. Because this dish is to use two sides oil Fried yellow, if using ordinary cooking oil heated to 120 ℃ can produce carcinogen benzopyrene, and materia medica day sweet tea oil smoke point as high as 220 ℃, so the Fried food should choose medica day sweet tea oil, and nutrition effect is better.

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