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Break through the five big bottleneck Strengthen camellia in

来源:ChinaZ 发布日期:[2015-06-15 15:22] 作者:消息

In recent years, changning county cling to the state shall pay attention to the camellia industry development strategic opportunity, in city as the goal, the first in China camellia oleifera industry as the leading industry of the farmers' income to become rich to grasp, as its name card, through the implementation of "policy drive, financed, scale, technology driven, actuation" brand strategy, such as camellia industry big development. Since 2007, the city's new high-yielding camellia Lin Jin 70000 mu, low oil-tea camellia Lin 20 ten thousand mu; Build the taking shape of thyme industry ShiFanDai and xiang-gui high-speed differential corridor; Introduced the cofco, hunan jiangshan ecological field, Taiwan leisure farming and other 18 scale differential development enterprise; The construction of the country's first wholesale markets and differential XiuXianYuan ecological culture. Camellia area back to 730000 mu, accounted for 4.1% of the province s area of the output reached 3000 tons, annual output value of 200 million yuan. Camellia this traditional industry.


First, adhere to government-led, break through the policy bottleneck


Its "camellia", is the national cultivation were more than 1700 years history, 1956 tons of tea oil produced in 4000, becoming one of the three and a half barrels of hunan province tea oil barrels; In 1978 participated in the oil-tea production meeting, this paper introduces production experience; Turned over to the national tea oil 2060 tons, in 1981 the first in the nation. But after the 1990 s, because of camellia industry policy support is abate, combined with the varieties of aging, reasons, forest fires and other tests of strength, camellia industry development difficulties for once. Potential to dig deeper into the traditional industry, the city according to the government leading, market operation, society participation development train of thought, first of all, from the perspective of the policy level, crack camellia industry development bottleneck. One is a general direction control. Established by the municipal party committee secretary of the mayor of political commissar, coalesced camellia industry development leading group, clear a municipal leaders specifically charge. Municipal party committee, municipal government takes the lead in the province issued "about to speed up the development of camellia industry", clearly camellia industry construction objectives, tasks and measures; Municipal people's vote passed "establish long-term support mechanism, promote the development of camellia industry" bill, periodic review camellia industry construction situation; Municipal government issued the changning county differential protection measures for the administration of industry and draw a basic reserve, camellia on protection and development of key areas. The second is a big plan. To a high starting point to develop the changning county in 2008-2020 camellia industry development planning ", the establishment of "five" development goals, that is, 2020 years ago, built a low to 400000 mu, newly built 600000 mu, one million mu of high-yielding camellia base; Built a 200 acres of oil-tea seed-breeding base; Build a well-known brand of camellia processing leading enterprises; Build a predominantly tea oil cooking oil trading market; Build a camellia ecological culture; Camellia industry output value of 1.5 billion yuan of above. Three is a big gap between rewards and punishments. Introduced the changning county camellia industry construction assessment implementation plan ", the construction of camellia industry as an important content of the management appraisal target, individually, can't complete the construction task of the cadres, in those days not PingXian recommendation, don't move my promotion, for two consecutive years can't complete the task, the one ticket veto. At the same time, set up a camellia industry development contribution award, the differential powerful new creation and tests of tissue of villages and towns according to the standard of 5 yuan per mu rewarded.


Second, adhere to the diversified financing, break through the capital bottleneck


Is a cycle is long, slow response of the industry. New camellia Lin normal investment of 1800 yuan per acre, old camellia Lin tests of spent about 600 yuan per mu, to realize the big development of camellia industry must have a big money as a guarantee. To break through the bottleneck of funds, we broaden the channels of financing. One is increasing financial "throw". Since 2006, the city government to set up the camellia industry development funds, financial arrangement not less than 3 million yuan a year for new afforestation seeds seedlings and fertilizer subsidy, oil-tea for high yield of continuous new creation of over 50 mu Lin, free supply of seedlings, the first three years of 50 yuan per acre fertiliser subsidies; Low change of oil-tea camellia Lin, reward 150 yuan per mu. So far, the city supporting the camellia industry development, fiscal investment of more than 3000 3000 yuan. The second is for credit "help". Catch the people's bank of China in the city of forest right mortgage pilot, issued a "about promoting financial institutions to support the industry development of the notice, the city finance capital injection of 5 million yuan loan discount, to run more than 50 mu Lin, size of the company and large according to the standard credit funds of 1000 yuan per mu, the fiscal subsidy 50% interest on loans. So far, it has issued 77 oil-tea forest right mortgage, the amount of 24 million yuan. All at the same time will be 730000 mu of camellia Lin into the agricultural policy insurance category, enhanced ability to resist risks. Three is to integrate resources "harmony". According to the "overall planning, relatively concentrated, use the same channels, not disorderly, individual and remember their work" principle, focus on integration of agricultural development in the city, modern agriculture, land consolidation, migration, poverty alleviation and development, and after returning farmland to forest construction of the follow-up industry agriculture project funds, centralized control and unified management by the government, binding to use. Integration project funds in 2010 alone 6000 ten thousand yuan in camellia industry development. Four is widely "lead" capital. Make full use of land resources and industrial advantages, the introduction of a number of powerful, understand technology, good management of the company, and major in camellia industry development. In recent years, the development enterprise and large in zhuhai differential industry construction funds nearly 150 million yuan. Such as hunan jiangshan ecological agriculture and forestry development co., LTD. Invested 30 million yuan in the shadow of the city tian town lease land 30000 mu, is now into build oleifera forest 8000 Chinese acres.


Third, adhere to the scale operation, break through the system bottleneck


Camellia industries to develop, must take the path of scale, intensive development. Only implement intensive management, break the operating situation of the rural scattered small weak type, can achieve efficiency, forming industry. The city has successfully explored leasing company, the company + peasant household joint venture, professional cooperatives, large family contract operation such as differential scale development new way, to resolve land "circulation flow out, lease rent" problem of the system. One is to strengthen the propaganda guide public opinion. Is the owner of the land of farmers, improve the people thinking and understanding is the key to promote the land circulation, give full play to the city government at all levels of organization, regulation, service function, become mandatory for guidance, intervention for the service. Widely through the news media, and vigorously promote the benefits of forest resources circulation, make the masses change old ideas, set up long-term management consciousness, actively support and participate in circulation, the real solution to the problem of "difficult to land" camellia industry construction. Second, improve the circulation service platform. Establish and improve land circulation platform is to promote the basis and premise of land transfer, the city with the collective forest right system reform as an opportunity to set up the forestry property right transaction management center, undertake the land transfer, bidding and other specific business, actively promote oil-tea reasonable transfer of forest, forest land to forest right owner by a grassland-use can free transfer, effectively solved the problem in oleifera forest land circulation impeded. 3 it is to create new ways of profit distribution. Safeguard the interests of land owners problem is the core of promoting land circulation, according to different forms of afforestation pattern in the city, a different way of profit distribution. "Company + farmers" business model is the core of solving the problem of share interests, to a new creation oleifera lam, the city actively guide the company with the farmers in accordance with the standards of 2:8 or 3:7 into, at the same time the company operation after a certain period of years, to return the camellia Lin for farmers; The old farmers guaranteed income and proportion of camellia Lin mobility. Leasing companies operating mode and large family contract operation mode according to different soil types, rent is RMB $15 to 50 yuan per year, not only reflect the use value of the land itself, and can protect the interests of the companies, both large and farmers; Old camellia Lin lease rent is converted into cash to pay farmers in accordance with the existing tea oil production. Camellia professional cooperatives mode to concentrate on the profit distribution mechanism between members, avoid tissue disintegration caused by the unjust distribution of interests.


Fourth, adhere to the science and technology is popular the oil, break through the technical bottleneck


Camellia industry is a technology-intensive industry, each production link is inseparable from the strong support of scientific research technology, to improve the management benefit camellia, must accelerate scientific and technological innovation. In order to promote scientific development of camellia industry, we intensified the efforts on science and technology demonstration and promotion of the city. One is the construction of high-level scientific research collaboration mechanisms. We have successively and Lin,,,, guangxi academy of agricultural sciences, hunan academy of agricultural sciences, central south forestry university of science and technology, economic forest development center of China academy of forestry science, college of biological sciences, Beijing forestry university and hunan environment such as scientific research institutes to establish the scientific research cooperation, founded a new creation, low change, pest prevention and control of demonstration base, speed up technological innovation and the introduction, improve differential management technology. 2 it is to hold high-level research BBS. Held the resource cultivation peak BBS and differential peak BBS, invited to the Chinese academy of engineering, Beijing forestry university President wei-lun Yin and honorary President of the Chinese academy of engineering, hunan nutrition society zhou hh five provinces and other domestic well-known experts and scholars to the city treasure to pass on one's experience, introduced to promote a batch of advanced applicable camellia cultivation techniques, and let more people understand the nutrition health care value of tea oil. 3 it is to build high standard demonstration garden. In central south forestry university of science and technology for technical support, set up the changning county camellia science and technology park, to provide efficient cultivation management oil-tea demonstration. Through science and technology park construction, fully shows the oil-tea YingZaoLin technological achievements, to explore the differential productive cultivation techniques of synthesis and modification technology model, provide experiences for the camellia industry development, vigorously promote the development of camellia industry. Four is to establish high standards of service system. The city forestry bureau established the camellia, equipped with professional and technical personnel, applies a system of technical personnel contact the farmers in pair, promotion varieties on the cultivation of the law, grass-roots level on a regular basis, the technology to the mountain massif, into homes, problem solving differential planting technology, improve the management benefit.


Five, insist on cultivating brand, the breakthrough performance bottlenecks


Camellia industry to form benefit, must form the brand, market-oriented road, really realize the change of tea oil from products to commodity. Different situations, our city actively create famous brands, to improve the efficiency of the camellia. One is promote tree brand. The city in 2008 and 2009, for two consecutive years held a unique, festival warm two session of China that its camellia tourism culture festival, implements the oil-tea and culture, tourism, science and technology, market, and the functions of the government the "big five" grafting ", let more people understand "camellia oil", "ecological", "" golden oil nutritional value, the caused wide attention and strong reaction, its visibility and reputation were improved significantly. The second is to introduce leading brand. In September 2010, the city with the world top 500 enterprises - cofco signed camellia industry cooperation agreement, cofco, China's vegetable oil company has 300000 mu of high quality in the city construction planning five years oleifera forest base, built in a period of annual output of 20000 tons of refined tea oil processing plant, and the tea oil products are series of development, promote the camellia industry chain extension, improve product added value. Three is to establish a market to promote sales. In November 2009, the city construction in hunan province were large wholesale market, has been listed as national first camellia professional wholesale market. The project total investment 380 million yuan, mainly to carry out the tea oil trading and daily inspection work, the project is completed, will become the high-grade edible oil production base in hunan province and the country's largest oil trading center.

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