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Tea oil ChengXinChong: who decides in the future

来源:ChinaZ 发布日期:[2015-06-15 15:23] 作者:消息

Edible oil market in 2014 of smoke, have "soft gold" tea oil sales have spiralled upwards. Tea oil, once the small varieties of edible oil, after years of subsoil, after blend oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, is quietly changing people's consumption habits, the woody edible oil non-gmo oil, by the favor of the market.


Most of raw materials such as soybean, peanut, on the other hand, controlled by foreign capital, tea oil is produced in our country, the government in recent years many coordination, promoting tea oil industry; Multiple positive policies, various capital to enter, tea oil industry to be bestowed favor on newly. At present, there are a number of tea oil for venture capital support, industry leading jinhao tea oil is the figure in a few years ago he had won a day 120 million yuan investment in the capital, zhejiang yue merchants.


In the face of emerging tea oil industry, under the new opportunity, thousands of tea oil companies how to shape the brand, seize the opportunities to embolden?


The third hand push


Constantly exposed in recent years food safety issues, ecological food more and more get of consumer attention. And edible oil market, gm also become everybody's words, the mainly hunan origin of tea oil come forward "the water", this kind of woody edible oil taking shape. Hunan jinhao tea oil, for example, in 2013, sales reached 1.2 billion yuan. According to statistics, there are size oil-tea enterprises more than 2000.


Tea oil is tea seed squeezing, tea seed is YouChaShu bear fruit, and belongs to agricultural projects. Modern agriculture project has been praised by all parties concerned, camellia at some point on the view of modern agriculture.


Can drive local farmers get rich because of tea oil companies, the support of local government for enterprise is very big, not only in planting link, but also help solve the difficulties in other tea oil enterprise development. Under the concept of modern agriculture of tea oil industry is rapidly developed in the under the impetus of the government.


As a representative of the National People's Congress of hunan jinhao chairman Liu Xianghao tea oil, for two consecutive session of the National People's Congress on behalf of him, for many years in the national annual proposal called for the government to support the development of tea industry, tea oil production method of national standard, to ensure the safety of edible oil supply in our country, strengthen tea oil Suggestions of national strategic resource status. Has to be leaders, such as wen jiabao, li keqiang's important instructions.


And the background of this recommendation is that in recent years, our country oil rate is declining, oil, grain and oil security is China's third largest prominent security issues. In recent years, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, peanut oil prices rose, take turns, the China's oil security wake-up call.


Liu Xianghao thinks, at present, the foreign capital enterprise has gradually penetrated into every link of edible vegetable oil processing and marketing in our country. If further form the monopoly of foreign capital of our country edible vegetable oil industry chain, compressed domestic oil enterprises development space, will be about the pricing power of edible oil market in China, poses a great threat to China's edible oil safety.


For tea oil generated in the "national hope, soybean, corn raw materials by foreign capital control, if only soybean corn raw materials such as the development of edible oil, on the resources will be very passive. In the category of tea oil, the government wants more local companies to seize the opportunity." A senior professional managers said cooking oil.


From market feedback also confirms the rise of tea oil. Under the background of consumption upgrade, high-end cooking oil also there is a huge potential, and olive oil through years of gain ground, in the domestic oil market has occupied a place, about 10% of the share. Authoritative data shows, tea oil and olive camellia, tea oil percentage of unsaturated fatty acids is higher than olive oil, but many people still don't fully know tea oil.


Darling: capital further


Government push tea oil industry, and capital are involved. According to the changsha evening news on December 3, 2013, involving fortune venture capital investment tea oil enterprises. Before gagarin food big shareholder also announced 3, 500 million yuan investment development 100000 mu of high yield of tea oil base.


The personage inside course of study thinks, tea oil will be one of China's oil industry the last piece of cake. The global tea oil produced in China, 95% 50% of China's tea oil comes from hunan. Inevitably, become the capital of hunan wrangling.


Capital strength of the size of the intervention let jinhao tea oil by 100 million yuan, quickly in a few years of revenue reached 1.2 billion yuan in 2013. Day figure capital chairman wang yh an investment boom in 2011, admitted on BBS "vc is a physical strength live" said: "the day figure venture capital project is the deepest impression is jinhao tea oil, when the enterprise is only 100 million yuan scale we threw 50 million", "day figure vc took nearly $1 on jinhao tea oil, this is a full of tea oil industry chain company, with hunan characteristics of a company very much."


Wang yh is hunan yongxing person, he has a great affection for tea oil, decided to invest in camellia, jinhao was finally chosen. In the process of looking for investments, wang yh special value "core competence", "if it can be easy to imitate others, it is no value. Why do we give the money to the enterprise? General enterprise make, this is the most important."


According to statistics, in 2013, production of hunan province tea oil 156000 tons, accounting for 50% of national output, and 95% of global tea oil produced in China. Jian-an li, vice President of the central south forestry university of science and technology, forestry college, said only for hunan tea oil resources, to chief position in the market competition.


And the involvement of industry capital in addition to the big, tea oil industry chain upstream and they are very value. In addition to ZhongFang group plans to invest 2 billion yuan China camellia trading center with jinhao tea oil, will also invest hundreds of millions of yuan in differential Lin Chanye yongzhou construction project; Gagarin food, vanda 600000 mu of mountain plant camellia, heaven and earth in southern hunan circulation plan 10 years spent 12 billion yuan; Macao Yin Ricky group holdings leiyang jinxin agricultural science and technology company, plan 5 years investment of 390 million yuan, 200000 mu of camellia base; Huafeng group invested $150 million in Hong Kong, start the shaoyang county oil-tea comprehensive development project.


There are statistics show that in the past five years, hunan province capital of 5.452 billion yuan, into the development of camellia social funds accounted for 70%. Hunan quality tea oil companies also become capital for mark. Jinhao tea oil Liu Xianghao chairman said that in addition to the day figure capital, Mr Ma's yunfeng, Shanghai fosun group, sequoia capital, cofco and so on dozens of companies have had contact with the second round of investment, Mr Guo guangchang, chairman of fosun group during the two sessions this year more personally interview interview tea oil project cooperation.


Capital into the business approach also change quickly, and in 2008 the first wave of tea oil industry investment "change", is now a "money". Because hot money inflow, the high quality tea oil companies to raise the demand for money, they enter the vc can have deep industry background, can improve the internal governance structure, improve the company marketing and channel construction, etc.


Who decides?


Compared with the industry bright spot is outstanding, the window of tea oil enterprises is relatively insufficient. According to business investment promotion network reporter refer to hunan forestry department statistics show that hunan tea oil enterprise up to more than 1500, annual output of 1000 tons of tea oil enterprises is less than 20. Even the tea oil sales enterprises, well-known trademark, the leading to the national first jinhao tea oil, sales income is only 1.2 billion yuan in 2013. Raw material supply and brand awareness has become the bottleneck of enterprise development, jinhao relatively.


Companies are all in the layout of the industrial chain upstream, jinhao tea oil is completed the industrial chain of the overall layout. Liu Xianghao determines the "company + base + farmer" pattern. Was incorporated in 2008, jinhao tea oil specially to planting for the main business of the subsidiary company of hunan jinhao camellia plant co., LTD., hosted by professor with central south forestry university of science and technology and xiao-feng tan "national camellia science and technology center" form and technical cooperation, to provide tea farmers camellia breeding, cultivation, high yield, pest control and other related technical support and solutions.


Tens of millions of yuan in hunan jinhao tea oil investment established jinhao camellia seeds seed breeding base, has 12 million strains light matrix seedling breeding, varieties more than for jinhao tea oil company provides high quality, but also into the hunan provincial oil-tea unified planning, for the province's YouChaShu plant is being supported kind.


Through self-built, land leasing mode, such as jinhao tea oil, 11 cities and counties in hunan putting lease barren hills, forest land, 110000 mu, investment in forest land of 50000 mu. And over the next 10 years will be completed planting demonstration base 500000 mu of high standards of camellia.


Compared with many enterprises, jinhao channels in the subsoil and walk in front of the industry's brand planning.


Liu Xianghao entrepreneurial experience on behalf of the tea oil industry development trend. Founded in 1993, Liu Xianghao jinhao tea oil. After 21 years, the disruptive changes in the consumer market. Start-up, just as a commodity in the market circulation jinhao tea oil, open channels have been taken for quick shakedown "city shop goods" system, can quickly spread channel, seize market. But the consequences of this are many dealers volume cargo mysteriously disappeared, finally throw a lot of amount. Jinhao will "roll out" instead of "order", change the original "production driven" to "market driven". Jinhao exchange fair held tea oil, the company total delivery is the sales, so that they can more accurately the total production and inventory control.


How to let more consumers know their own brand, is the common problem facing a lot of tea oil enterprises. In 2009, Liu Xianghao decided to marketing center moved to Beijing; Popular host Wang Han signing in at the same time, a person with knowledge and elegant Wang Han, jinhao dozen of advertising, a consumer education, is beneficial to the industry, but also brings huge brand value for jinhao tea oil. Even said Yu Liangsen senyuan tea oil general manager also has the very big disparity from jinhao.


Revealed in the next decade, Liu Xianghao jinhao tea oil in the retail layout will implement "retail + city operators (franchisees) + store + electricity + conference marketing" comprehensive O2O model. Will be completed in 2016, 300, 2018, 1000 urban operators layout. According to report of jinhao tea oil business manager showed reporters a data shows, in the first half of this year jinhao tea oil electricity sales up 245% from a year earlier.


At the same time, continue to do big home market of hunan, the hunan market further subdivided into 13 branches, 5 m development, community shops, densely covered consumer groups.


Jinhao tea oil channel full blossom, it is behind the powerful product testing system, and even can be traced back to the origin of oil raw materials.



Jinhao tea oil has strict execution of enterprise internal control standard in the national standard. Each bottle of jinhao tea oil has a unique "identity", by jinhao tea oil spurt the code on the packaging, can trace the specific production line, production time, inspectors, operators, which even a batch of raw material and other detailed information. Because of this, jinhao tea oil is allowed to join the "China quality journey reputation for quality tracking system", "jinhao tea oil" series of high-grade edible vegetable oil has obtained "China well-known trademark", "organic food", "green food", "rest assured enterprise" and so on the title.


In Liu Xianghao view, the industry a new round of opportunity is coming, as 21 years of tea oil enterprises will be steady in hunan, jiangxi and other regional markets, the formal expansion to the nation.


And nowadays the domestic tea oil enterprises to rub olive oil brand awareness and market share, Liu Xianghao, Luo Liangsen, and many other industry practitioners have a long way to go. Ten years later, who can hold up the flag of this market?

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