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Camellia oil is central to save China cooking oil

来源:ChinaZ 发布日期:[2015-06-15 15:24] 作者:消息

Consisting of more than 1000 domestic oil companies "China soybean legion" has been "ABCD" four big multinational food dealer under the bombardment of lordaeron.

An increasingly high oil prices. For a long time in the past, China will go the way of Japan, money can't buy cooking oil.

Ordinary cooking oil crisis! So-called "cooking oil queen of the world", Chinese tea oil, will be China cereals, oils and savior?

Really can compare with olive oil, by the consumer favorite tea oil, currently only have less than 2% of market share in the domestic. But this was known as the "Oriental olive oil" tea oil, but are not very familiar to most northern consumers cooking oil varieties, has begun to raise up to the central committee and the state council, to local governments and enterprises. On November 4, 2009, a copy of the approved by the state council, jointly issued by the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance, the state forestry administration of the national camellia industry development planning (2009-2020) "issued to all parts of the country. Planning requirements, by 2020, the national camellia to reach 70 million mu of cultivated area, annual output of tea oil to achieve a total of 2.5 million tons for over 10 years, will this unique to China, a native of tea-seed oil cooking oil varieties, from the current is less than 1%, to 10%, and gradually achieve the control oil lifeline your own dream.

In "planning", the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance, the state forestry administration national ministries and commissions such as special points out the necessity to speed up the development of camellia industry, think that it is not only an effective way to safeguard national oil security, the need of national land resources shortage of rigid, the farmers' income and promote employment, optimize the structure of edible oil consumption, improve the level of national dietary health needs.

"At present, China's oil consumption is mainly ordinary oil oils such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil, high-grade health edible oil consumption ratio is very low. Tea oil is called" eastern olive oil ", is a specialty of our country. From its food function, its color taste is sweet, high content of unsaturated fatty acid. Long-term consumption of tea oil, has very good health care effect for disease of heart head blood-vessel, the United Nations food and agriculture organization (FAO) has been the promotion of health as the key senior cooking oil. Therefore, developing camellia industry, to provide good quality tea oil supply market, satisfy people's demand for high-grade edible oil, help to improve the national edible oil consumption structure, improve the national physical quality." The national development and reform commission and other departments in the plan, said.

For the prospects of the development of camellia, "planning" will be made contrast with olive oil on a global scale, which believes that with the increase of population, arable land decrease, vigorously develop woody oil has become a main channel in today's world to solve the shortage of human cooking oil. More than 40 countries around the world with olive oil as the main cooking oil, especially Mediterranean countries have implemented edible oil woody. Countries such as Spain and Greece woody edible oil also accounted for 80% 90% of edible oil country.

Camellia is advantaged plant resources in our country, is currently the only can match olive oil woody edible oil. But at present, the annual output of tea oil is 266500 tons, annual per capita is only 0.2 kg, is far lower than the developed countries in 20 kg per capita possession of olive oil, edible oil an unreasonable consumption structure, consumption of olive oil in the developed countries generally accounted for more than 40% of its total oil consumption. Our country to achieve annual per capita tea oil 2 kg of standard, the national tea oil production needs to increase tenfold, annual shortfall of 2.5 million tons, "tea oil has a strong market demand will be in the future." The national development and reform commission and other departments in the "planning" in outlook.

And for the future development goals, "planning" is put forward, and to grow in 2020 were total scale of 70 million mu, the national tea oil production will reach more than 250, ten thousand tons. Gradually formed a relatively complete oil-tea production, supply and sales industry chain, and gradually formed relatively abundant resources, utilization level is high, the output benefit is remarkable camellia industry development pattern.

Obviously, facing the increasingly rampant international food dealer, in the face of increasingly difficult to national macroeconomic regulation and control of edible oil market, in the face of domestic to rising oil prices, this country is painful to make up his mind, tea oil foster to real independence to master the fate of national oil new opportunities.

Over the next decade, tea oil could put on return of the king? How will play the role of national grain and oil market savior? To cheap and fine cooking oil, we can eat to the tragedy of the 70 s the Japanese money can't buy food is not in our domestic, we are looking forward to.

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