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Import olive oil tea oil "challenges"

来源:ChinaZ 发布日期:[2015-06-15 15:26] 作者:消息

From the Mediterranean olive oil contains high monounsaturated fatty acid (55% ~ 83%), oleic acid. In addition to supply a large amount of heat required for the human body, still can adjust human plasma high and low density lipoprotein cholesterol concentration ratio. The linoleic acid and linoleic acid necessary for human body, the body can not own synthesis, to eat too much is harmful to human body. Olive oil contains oleic acid, linoleic acid and linoleic acid ratio is the proportion of the human body needs, and olive oil is rich in abundant vitamin A, D, E, F, K composition and carotene fat-soluble vitamins and antioxidants, such as easy to digestion and absorption by human body.


Have so many advantages, olive oil, popular and understandable, but to buy olive oil we use in our everyday life, is not so satisfactory. Some occupies the important position of major shopping malls supermarkets olive oil counter brand actually all is not "real" olive oil. Random in Beijing several large supermarket to buy part of the brand of olive oil, tested failed to meet requirements in the fatty acid composition of the industry standard.


Traditional tea oil has more competitive advantage of olive oil is good, but now the market is good and evil people mixed up, so, the consumer how to choose to do? Experts point out that, in fact, people simply don't have to pay big money to blindly pursue what import "wind", in fact, real situations are often the "home" with a more comfortable, more affordable. Such as the traditional Chinese tea oil, not only can match olive oil on the nutritional value, and it is mature, quality assurance.


Through scientific tests show that the similarity between the composition of tea oil and olive oil, ratio between components is slightly better than olive oil. Olive oil is a kind of international nutrition science recommended healthy cooking oil, because scientific research proves that the Mediterranean abounds in the olive tree, local residents through dietary intakes of olive oil, morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular system diseases and tumor is much lower than in other regions. The tea oil effect is much better than olive oil. The American academy of health nutrition cooperation committee chairman Dr Seymour Mr Press said tea oil for the "world's best cooking oil. Although olive oil as a "model" Mediterranean diet structure, the main edible vegetable oils have long been the world health organization (WHO) recommended for cardiovascular health beneficial to human body health nutrition oil, and the diet of dual function of tea oil in China is actually better than olive oil, in addition to the two kinds of oil fatty acid composition and similar to oil characteristics, nutrients, the tea oil also contains olive oil didn't have a specific physiological active substances and camellia tea polyphenols glucoside (namely, tea saponin, or tea saponin). According to the national medical center experiment confirmed that the tea polyphenols in tea oil and camellia glucoside have obvious effect on lowering cholesterol.


Camellia oil refining in the mountains, wild camellia, only distributed in the southern part of the mountain area a few provinces and cities in our country, all in a state of natural wild, the fruit from the flowering, pollination to mature after 12 months of inoculation, fully accept the bath of nature and nurture, and rich nutrition, delicious fragrance. As early as 1000 years ago, our ancestors edible camellia oil, and put it as a mountain of treasures, reputation as "longevity of oil.

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