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Tea oil production and construction corps of the jedi counte

来源:ChinaZ 发布日期:[2015-06-15 15:26] 作者:消息

On December 2, 2010, the national development and reform commission of the state council to stabilize prices, met with cofco, yi hai kerry, ZhongFang group and JiuSan four edible oil production enterprises, such as grain and oil group requires four companies in small packaging cooking oil in four months may not rise in price.


But almost at the same time, another shocking news, quietly in the national grain and oil was spread among - "China top 500 enterprises" in grain and oil group of blessing all of a sudden "production of edible oil" for a while.


Remit the grain and oil, founded in 1999, is a company mainly processing, production of edible oil and soybean meal is a comprehensive enterprise group, the production level of soybean oil 550000 tons, annual income of more than 100 one hundred million yuan, the city of grain and oil consumption 40% market share.


Reporters later xue-min zhang hui fu grain administrative director accepted "the temporary shutdown". And will to a soybean oil, soybean meal poor transportation, enterprise inventory backlog more.


And another large domestic grain and oil enterprises JiuSan grain and oil group's situation is not optimistic. As the biggest oil processing enterprises in heilongjiang province, JiuSan group was in imported soybeans was rampant, insist to use domestic soybean, has been hailed as a domestic soybean "watchmen" finally, but now, it has become one of the most importing soyabeans in heilongjiang province.


And the latest news from the grain and oil market is, the price of soybean oil imports in 10400 yuan/ton, and the current domestic soybean oil sales are below ten thousand yuan, every tons of soybean oil sales means forfeits hundreds of yuan.


In fact, on the verge of shutdown or struggling on the edge of the losses, is becoming a most domestic edible soybean oil companies face the embarrassing situation.


But at present domestic dependence on imported soy continues unabated. , according to data from January to November, China's soybean imports 49.37 million tons, year-on-year increase of 11.6 million tons, 30.7% increase. The November import 5.48 million tons, up 89.6% from a year earlier.


Don't think that these enterprises production distance how far our ordinary life, they will directly cause serious consequences to our life, grain and oil shortage, even money, you may also buy cooking oil.


If you remember edible oil prices in 2008, you will find history were so similar. Countries at the time, to stabilize oil price, have imposed temporary price intervention measures, as a result, have who all don't want to see the situation, as the government limits, edible oil production enterprises began to leak in peak times, more than 400 in brand of cooking oil, there are more than 200 were forced to shut down, finally as a result, most shortage of oil in the supermarket shelves, just on cooking oil, will be sold out.


And almost of the same scene, also once in the former Soviet union, Japan. As in the 1970 s, the global food crisis occurs, many countries have banned grain exports, as at that time the world's largest food imports in Japan, one of the two countries, even willing to pay a high price, also can't buy food.


What's so great crisis? Are they up to more than 60% of food imports - which, it is the current situation of China's edible oil market. At present domestic cooking oil composition, more than 70% of market share was dominated by palm oil, soybean oil, and among them, 100% palm oil imports, 80% is imported soybean and soybean oil.


And really comparable to those, olive oil's hunan consumers prefer tea oil, currently only have less than 2% of market share in the domestic.


A good news is that tea oil this referred to as the "Oriental olive oil", but not for most of the northern consumers familiar with cooking oil varieties, has begun to raise up to the central committee and the state council, to local governments and enterprises.


On November 4, 2009, a copy of the approved by the state council, jointly issued by the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance, the state forestry administration of the national camellia industry development planning (2009-2020) "issued to all parts of the country. Planning requirements, by 2020, the national camellia to reach 70 million mu of cultivated area, annual output of tea oil to achieve a total of 2.5 million tons for over 10 years, will this unique to China, a native of tea-seed oil cooking oil varieties, from the current is less than 1%, to 10%, and gradually achieve the control oil lifeline your own dream.


A are not very familiar to most people is the fact that, at present China's oil market more than 75% of the raw materials, processing and cooking oil supply is "ABCD" (i.e., ADM (ArcherDanielsMidland), Bunge (Bunge), Cargill (Cargill) and Louis dreyfus (LouisDreyfus) controlled by four large multinational food dealer.


Now, they not only takes the most of domestic oil enterprises upstream raw materials of soy and throat - also actively to expand downstream, controlling the mass consumer market well-known brand of edible oil, such as "golden dragon fish", "Hu Jihua", etc. Against the strong capital advantage with the advantage of one hundred years of experience, the international giant has gradually completed the upstream raw materials, futures, middle reaches the production processing, the brand and the downstream market channels and supply the absolute control, and so is the aftermath of the "exit" the safety of Chinese edible oil strategy has not in hand, the government's macroeconomic regulation and control ability is gradually weakening, apparently, for cooking oil and even to national security, this is a very real threat directly.


May sound alarmist, but it truly staged in 2007. That time, due to the manipulation of the multinational giants, domestic oil prices have soared, the grain storage to help ease prices, quickly throw 200000 tons of edible oil, but the result still can't afford to stir in the market, the price rise. Then according to the survey, 70% of the oil in a multinational food dealer warehouses, grain storage in edible oil control ability of pale,.


Just a few short years time, China's edible oil market by independent into today's disciplined by others. Is what reason, caused the passive situation in the oil market today China? These oils the transnational giants of the industry, and begin to gradually "invasion" of China's grain and oil market? How did they do it? In the face of national grain and oil market and painful situation, and who could become the savior?


How do Chinese cooking oil controlled


China's soybean oil, appeared in 2004.


After 1995, most domestic soybean oil processing enterprises of raw materials, only 800000 tons of imports, but at the same time, because the U.S. government took out more than $190 in subsidies every year soybeans, and agricultural mechanization makes its production cost is low, most domestic grain and oil companies abandoned domestic soybean, instead of imported soybeans, to 2004, the number of imported soybeans into the domestic market have been as high as 20.23 million tons, less than 10 years, imports have increased by 25 times (as of December 2010, domestic imports of soybeans has more than 50 million tons).


At that time, the soybean imports to domestic grain and oil enterprises brought gratifying profits as high as 1000 yuan/ton, and domestic investment in grain and oil plant has reached a new peak. In 2004, China's oil industry overall crushing capacity of 84 million tons, but at the time of domestic soybean crushing with actual demand of 28 million tons.


But bad luck coming soon. In August 2003, the United States department of agriculture on the grounds that the weather, the monthly report to make major changes of supply and demand of soybean, subsequently, soybean prices from August 2003 low of about 540 cents a share, all the way up to around 1060 cents of early April 2004, in nearly 30 years. The price increase is equivalent to the territory of China from 2300 yuan to 4400 yuan per ton.


Grain and oil enterprises in China under the panic psychological control, stepping up efforts in purchasing. In early 2004, domestic grain and oil enterprises to average price 4300 yuan/ton, "snap" in the United States for more than 800 ten thousand tons of soybeans. But starting in April 2004, the international soybean price fast drop nearly 50%. Domestic grain and oil enterprises before the profit into the industry losses, every tons of soybean oil production will have to bear the loss of RMB 500-600 loss.


This is the biggest influence on China's grain and oil market in the future "soybean crisis". After the crisis, the domestic grain and oil enterprises a mess, so-called "China soybean legion" of more than 1000 small and local domestic oil enterprises took to the blind alley in the home. A large number of enterprises went bankrupt, 70% of the domestic press enterprises to suspend production.


, including ADM, bunge, cargill and Louis dreyfus, the big four international food dealer has taken the first step - "soybean crisis" borrow heavily into China, through the merger and reorganization and low cost control processing enterprises step by step.


To the end of April, 2006, is still in the start of 97 soybean crushing enterprise group, a wholly foreign owned or foreign equity participation has 64. Actual processing capacity of more than 50 million tons, accounting for 85% of the total in China. China domestic wholly-owned completely, and can compete with multinational companies processing enterprises, only a heilongjiang JiuSan grain and oil group.


At present, the Chinese cooking oil in the three major brands, golden arowana "wilmar kerry system", 100% controlled by foreign capital; Behind LuHua, active the same foreign investment. And cargill corp. 's "wilmar kerry" is exclusive oil half of China's market share.


ADM company from America, and Singapore WILMAR group of the joint venture company yi hai (China) group, is typical of foreign investment to expand rapidly in China. The group was founded in 2001, at present in China directly controlled by the factory and trading company has reached 38, also participation LuHua several famous domestic grain and oil processing enterprises, such as factory in hebei, shandong, jiangsu, fujian, guangdong, guangxi and other major coastal provinces, and sichuan, hubei, hunan, xinjiang, ningxia, heilongjiang and other inland provinces, expansion speed and wide range of stunning.


Nowadays, with the advantages of capital and the history and experience, the international giant of upstream raw materials, futures has been completed and the middle reaches the production processing, brand and the downstream market channels and supply the absolute control.


And edible oils to the survival of hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers, as well as tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises, such as proteins and biochemical factory, livestock farms and restaurants, hotel, etc., on which production need various soybean products, which are gradually controlled by the international cooking oil giants.


Multinational food dealer control oil pricing power


Also date from this time, the domestic grain and oil market began to appear a strange phenomenon for Chinese consumers. In October 2010, the domestic major soybean producing areas of heilongjiang soybean harvested, new soybean are listed. Compared with last year, heilongjiang soybean won a bumper harvest this year, production increased by about 10% last year.


But strangely, as an important raw material of soybean oil increased not only with a little cooking oil prices, on October 22, or so, a lot of cooking oil, including golden arowana price inverse city rose by 10%.


"Agricultural products (26.61, 0.39, 1.44%) seasonal should show the cooking oil prices falling by phases, there is no monopoly enterprises will be in accordance with the season regular do expectations, arrangement, the harvest season of soybean price does not rise, so the rise in oil is unnatural." Yunnan university of finance and economics professor Gu Xiulin social and economic behavior research center said, she will be this kind of soybean crop, but cooking oil rose in a falling market phenomenon known as "anti-season rose".


To this, there is a market analysts believe that the secret lies in the fact that domestic soybean yield less than 10% of the entire market supply, the supply of soybeans mainly from abroad, domestic soybean small production affect the supply of raw material is little. Oil is the important factors to rise, after the United States department of agriculture report slashed 2010 bean production forecast.


But the Chinese academy of social sciences researcher at the institute of rural development guo-xiang li says, 2010 soybean yield no significant decline, only slightly reduce, only about 1.8%, the range of the production is very small, the supply and demand basically are not affected.


Now that the global soybean supply and no substantial reduction, why the Chinese market oil price has risen by more than 10%?


"The most fundamental reason is, the import of transgenic soybean production and processing sales link almost all monopolized by several international giants," regulation national grain bureau, deputy director of the department of guan-hua zhou told reporters that in 2009, the year of soybean imports of 42 million tons, accounted for 90% of the national soybean oil market, domestic soybean on imported soybean high dependence, for pricing power had evaporated during edible oil market, eventually led to China's pricing in soybean loss of pricing power, can only helplessly looking at importing soybeans in the domestic oil market.


In fact, such a strange thing had been staged many times. In 2009, the United States department of agriculture is expected to global soybean supply will increase by 16%, but at the same time, domestic oil prices still rising, all that caused the rounds of the hot oil.


Camellia oil is central to save China cooking oil


Then, two contrasting situation appeared. On the one hand, is a global soybean continues to increase, supply adequate, on the other hand, is the population of cooking oil more expensive; On the one hand, the continuous expansion of the domestic market demand, a growing number of soybean imports, on the other hand, the huge demand not only help China win the voice, but gradually become the international food dealer and boundless speculative tools.


And this kind of awkward ending, also let the awakening of the national development and reform commission, the first long thought that before "soy is not food, the development of the industry does not involve food security" is wrong.


In view of this, in December 2007, the national development and reform commission and the ministry of commerce in the new revision of the foreign investment industrial guidance catalogue, finally specifically introduced a policy of restricting international food dealer control oil, which stipulates that in the future in the field of soybean, rapeseed, edible oils and fats processing, only allowed China holdings, no longer allow foreign holding grain and oil enterprises in China.


But obviously, the policy introduced didn't rein in domestic oil prices. Since March 2010, the national development and reform commission began leading the grease oil industry planning (2009-2020) ", the reflections on the cause of the Chinese cooking oil rate is low, think its crux lies in an excessive emphasis of soybean, the planning for the future development of grain and oil, put forward to "non-gmo soybean acreage in 150 million acres of stable at the same time, through loan of policy sex, the general subsidies and other measures to increase the traditional small oil such as camellia oil supply."


This news made in the camellia oil industry more than 10 years of jinhao tea oil chairman Liu Xianghao relief, in fact, this is his most recent several years, multiple times in the national oil development plan in the national development and reform commission and other government departments to the attention of the tea oil.


Liu Xianghao believes that as China's unique varieties of oil, camellia oil is increasingly being a national attention, will maintain the important task of national cereals, oils and strategic security gives camellia oil, giving them the already deep in camellia oil field for many years the pioneers in the development of tea oil.


Of course, that is not the first time were ranked "national plan". As early as in 2007, the state council issued "about opinion" to promote the development of oil production, for the first time explicitly put forward to develop the special oil crops such as camellia; And in 2009 the central file no. 1, and held the same year on June 22, were also pointed out that the central forestry work conference, to really put the camellia industry XingLin the prosperous common people to be a pillar industry.


The state forestry administration, director of the Japan brand shoes online is found camellia to maintain the strategic significance of national grain security. Then in early 2008, encounter with snow and ice disaster in hunan province, and to the hunan relief surprised Japan brand shoes online, hunan local people to eat more than 80% of edible oil, is not currently the most popular domestic soybean oil, tea oil. He was born in shaanxi, longer than the shaanxi, started by the local people called "eastern olive oil" attracted by the varieties of edible oil, the unsaturated fatty acid content of up to more than 90%, far higher than that of rape oil and peanut oil, is nearly 2% higher than olive oil, oleic acid, respectively, compared with the olive oil and vitamin E content is 7% and 1 times higher; Long-term consumption of tea oil for high blood pressure, heart disease, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia and other disease of heart head blood-vessel has very good health care effect.


Moreover, camellia, besides can produce excellent cooking oil or excellent industrial raw material, tea oil thermal stability is good, not easy oxidation, non-toxic side effects, is a good cosmetic oil; Tea KuBing can be used to make biological fertilizer, biological pesticide, extraction of tea saponin, tea polysaccharide and other active substances; Tea saponin and disinfectant, foaming agent and additive can be created; Tea seed shell can be used to make high quality activated carbon; In the production of tea oil residue, through the comprehensive exploitation and utilization technology, which can be widely used in daily chemical, dyeing, papermaking, chemical fiber, textile, pesticides, and other fields; At the same time, oil-tea root system developed, leafy, beautiful flowers, resistance to drought or poor, and is suitable for growth of a wide range, can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, water conservation.


Plus YouChaShu rooted in barren hills, you can make more arable land - should "three agriculture" problem, which not only can optimize the economic structure, more can promote forest economy, maintain security of grain and oil. Japan brand shoes online began to gradually realize the strategic value of camellia.


On January 20, 2008, he immediately away just back to Beijing, to the filed under the state council "about to develop the industry of the report, the significance of the development of camellia industry are pointed out.


In September 2008, vice premier hui liangyu on hunan, attended the camellia industry development will and make important speech. From then on, China began to usher in the development of camellia industry big twist. Every step of camellia industry development, and always affects the zhongnanhai, pour into the work of party. New target for the new development of camellia industry a new task in the central file no. 1, write into the government work report.


On January 21, 2009, premier wen jiabao in Japan brand shoes online on the instructions in the development of camellia industry letter: "please the administration jointly with relevant departments, on the basis of sufficient demonstration plan, and study the corresponding measures."


On April 16, 2009, the state forestry administration decision to focus on work station of state-owned forest farms and forest tree seedlings, afforestation, JiCaiSi, the advantages of slurry sampling forces, established the "office" camellia industry development (hereinafter referred to as "camellia").


Under the coordination of the state forestry administration, the national development and reform commission to tilt towards the camellia industry actively, actively support policies.


In late October 2009, the industry of the revolutionary moment. Implementation shall be approved by the state council, shall be formulated by the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance, the state forestry administration of the national camellia industry development planning (2009-2020) "(hereinafter referred to as the" plan ") to the nation.


Oil-tea this with olive, oil palm, coconut and said "the world's four major woody oil plants," in our country has a history of more than 2000 years of cultivation and utilization but are not very familiar for most northern consumers of oil varieties, began to rise to the national level, by national to assume the important task of national grain security.


Tea oil could put on return of the king?


In "planning", the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance, the state forestry administration national ministries and commissions such as special points out the necessity to speed up the development of camellia industry, think that it is not only an effective way to safeguard national oil security, the need of national land resources shortage of rigid, the farmers' income and promote employment, optimize the structure of edible oil consumption, improve the level of national dietary health needs.


"At present, China's oil consumption is mainly ordinary oil oils such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil, high-grade health edible oil consumption ratio is very low. Tea oil is called" eastern olive oil ", is a specialty of our country. From its food function, its color taste is sweet, high content of unsaturated fatty acid. Long-term consumption of tea oil, has very good health care effect for disease of heart head blood-vessel, the United Nations food and agriculture organization (FAO) has been the promotion of health as the key senior cooking oil. Therefore, developing camellia industry, to provide good quality tea oil supply market, satisfy people's demand for high-grade edible oil, help to improve the national edible oil consumption structure, improve the national physical quality." The national development and reform commission and other departments in the plan, said.


For the prospects of the development of camellia, "planning" will be made contrast with olive oil on a global scale, which believes that with the increase of population, arable land decrease, vigorously develop woody oil has become a main channel in today's world to solve the shortage of human cooking oil. More than 40 countries around the world with olive oil as the main cooking oil, especially Mediterranean countries have implemented edible oil woody. Countries such as Spain and Greece woody edible oil also accounted for 80% 90% of edible oil country.


Camellia is advantaged plant resources in our country, is currently the only can match olive oil woody edible oil. But at present, the annual output of tea oil is 266500 tons, annual per capita is only 0.2 kg, is far lower than the developed countries in 20 kg per capita possession of olive oil, edible oil an unreasonable consumption structure, consumption of olive oil in the developed countries generally accounted for more than 40% of its total oil consumption. Our country to achieve annual per capita tea oil 2 kg of standard, the national tea oil production needs to increase tenfold, annual shortfall of 2.5 million tons, "tea oil has a strong market demand will be in the future." The national development and reform commission and other departments in the "planning" in outlook.


And for the future development goals, "planning" is put forward, and to grow in 2020 were total scale of 70 million mu, the national tea oil production will reach more than 250, ten thousand tons. Gradually formed a relatively complete oil-tea production, supply and sales industry chain, and gradually formed relatively abundant resources, utilization level is high, the output benefit is remarkable camellia industry development pattern.


Obviously, facing the increasingly rampant international food dealer, in the face of increasingly difficult to national macroeconomic regulation and control of edible oil market, in the face of domestic to rising oil prices, this country is painful to make up his mind, tea oil foster to real independence to master the fate of national oil new opportunities.


Over the next decade, tea oil could put on return of the king? How will play the role of national grain and oil market savior? To cheap and fine cooking oil, we can eat to the tragedy of the 70 s the Japanese money can't buy food is not in our domestic, we are looking forward to. s

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