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Hunan yongxing Thai tea oil into chengdu super

来源:ChinaZ 发布日期:[2015-06-15 15:19] 作者:消息

Hunan yongxing Thai yu tea oil is a company specializing in the production of tea oil. The company registered in 2009 in hunan his city yongxing county national circular economy demonstration park.

The company covers an area of 30 mu, has the advanced technology of cold squeeze, leaching, refined, filling four stainless steel production line, the automation company in the design processing capacity for 12000 tons of oil-tea cake, tea seed processing 4000 tons, the production of tea 10000 tons of pulp, production 1000 tons of refined oil, organic cold oil 800 tons, annual output can reach 120 million yuan, which can realize the company 20 million yuan.



Companies leading products "tai yu" high-grade tea seed oil by professional testing institutions inspection, obtain "organic product certification certificate", passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification enterprises. Is a regular worth consumer trust of enterprises.

Tai yu tea oil in 2011 in sichuan province, after more than a year of efforts and exploration has with wudaoliang organic food companies and other professional selling organic food, safe food stores, and discuss all tai yu brand tea oil into the plan of supermaket.

By 2012 has been with several large business super a preliminary cooperation intention, soon be full to a line of business. Please customers wait. Yu's all tea oil brand, is a 100% pure tea oil, do not contain any other edible oils, 100% authentic, quality is absolutely guaranteed.

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