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Yongxing Thai yu tea oil co., LTD is composed of yongxing county, the government investment promotion and capital introduction of camellia processing enterprise. Company in January 2009, was registered in yongxing county hunan province administration for industry and commerce, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, is located in yongxing county national circular economy demonstration park, covers an area of 30 mu, a total investment of more than 2000 ten thousand yuan. The company has advanced cold pressed, leaching, refined, filling four stainless steel production line automation. Company equipment design processing capacity can reach processing 5000 tons of tea seed, oil-tea cake 25000 tons, the production of tea 22000 tons of pulp, which can produce 1200 tons of refined tea oil squeeze the tea oil 1000 tons annual production capacity. Company has production personnel 56 people, including professional and technical personnel with college degree or above in 15 people, the company is equipped with Japan's "island ferry" liquid chromatograph and gas chromatograph and other supporting a complete experiment, testing equipment, and can detect all of its own internal control index of tea oil, enterprise scientific research ability, product quality testing capacity in the province in the same industry advanced level. Company "tai yu" brand tea seed oil by the national certification authority certification department and "organic" certificate, seven years in a row through the yearly check every year, year of careful. Company was awarded by the people's government of hunan province in 2013 issued by the "lower benzopyrene content in tea seed oil key processing technology research" won third prize of scientific and technological progress, five consecutive years was evaluation of chenzhou city people's government for "chenzhou city agricultural industrialization leading enterprises", the enterprise passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. Company and the local government to "company + base + peasant household" model agreement signed oleifera forest base construction, camellia Lin base of 25000 mu, the company has its own new planting sasanqua demonstration base of 1500 mu, low oleifera lam base 3000 mu, the peasant household number 5500. This kind of "company + base + peasant household" the pattern is saved for the enterprise management costs, but also bring employment opportunities for rural surplus labor, for farmers to increase income, improve the level of life provides a platform to the nearest.

Company has been in chenzhou, chengdu, shenzhen, changsha, guangzhou and other places set up a marketing center, product brand in both have higher visibility, loved by consumers to large and medium-sized cities and coastal developed areas, is home of high-grade edible oil and health, organic gifts for family and friends, and market share in a leading position. Company in December 2014, exports to South Korea for a single tea seed oil, the quality of the products are well received by Korean merchants.


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